Bar Cart Buyer's Guide

A bar cart is an enduring symbol of alcoholism, right? It is something that only those prone to a drop of spirits would ever consider buying? Not really. We can argue that it is a symbol of hedonism, symbol of people who are used to, and like to, enjoy life and everything this great adventure brings with it. It is most definitely a status symbol; that much we will concede. It is slowly creeping back into homes and offices for a much more practical reason than getting intoxicated. It is there to signal status and prestige.

As TV shows depicting the early 20th century slowly started gaining popularity, so did items associated with the shows. So you can say that Mad Men, or maybe Downtown Abbey contributed to re-popularizing the bar cart. Bar carts do two essential things. The first thing is helping you organize your drinks. It is a center around which drinking rituals take place, it is where you mix drinks and work your barman magic. The other thing has to do with the prestige we already mentioned. Bar carts allow you to showcase your taste. It is an essential tool when impressing business associates during an event you’ve organized to entertain them. They are noticed and they matter, so keep that in mind if you are in the business of closing deals and making money while entertaining your business associates.

Bar Cart: What to Look For​

There is a lot to take into account when buying a bar cart. The first thing you want to consider is where you will be using it. If it is intended for home use you might be able to get away with a smaller, less adorned and not so fancy model. If you plan on it to sit in your office then we are afraid you will have to go all out and get a large model, one that will inevitably cost more money. Even though there are bar carts that are stationary, we will focus here on once that have wheels and can be moved about.​

  • Materials used in manufacture – Bar carts are a very upscale item and come in a variety of models and makes. Since they are not moved a lot, or far, investing in a one made of noble wood, such as mahogany, is a great idea. This, however, is very expensive and only available to individuals to which money is not a concern. There are alternatives; lacquered wood looks nearly as nice, and people looking for a more contemporary look will find stainless steel very appealing.
  • All-important wheels – Consider the wheels as well. Make sure they are sturdy, well made, and able to roll over carpeted areas. If they are not quality-made they will snap, leaving you with a cabinet you are unable to move around.
  • Accessories – Bar carts come notoriously un-accessorized so look for ones that offer trays and additional equipment with the purchase. This will come in handy when mixing cocktails, storing drinks and other needed utensils.
  • Size – Size is an all-important factor when it comes to everything, it seems! Small bar carts are practical but limit you. They allow you to store only some many bottles. If you have a large collection of quality liquor, buy a larger cart so you can showcase your entire collection.

Bar carts are a great addition to every upscale home and reputable office. Have you pick in between all the different models offered on the market, and accentuate the look of your kitchen or a living room in a heartbeat. They are also very practical even when not put to their intended use, and can be a great way to showcase not only your drinks but books and other knickknacks as well!