Tea Cart Buyer's Guide

If you think you have everything you need in your kitchen, we invite you to think again. One thing you probably never considered buying is a tea cart. They are considered a remnant of a time gone by, but for the life of us, we cannot fathom why! There is something very appealing in the rattling of a tea cart, something that brings back memories and evokes an era that passed most of us by, as we are too young to remember when they were a household norm.

Today, they can be an excellent conversation piece. There are numerous appealing designs that will complement modern homes. Not to mention that, once you get used to the idea of a tea cart, you will find plenty of uses for it, primary one notwithstanding.

Numerous service-providing businesses still use tea carts to this day; that is the main reason why they are still around. You will find them in breakfast rooms, hotels, trains, on boats and other places as well. But a small, charming tea cart can definitely be a welcome addition to your home, adding a bit of antiqueness to an otherwise sleek and modern living room.​

Tea Cart: What to Look For​

Since there are different models and types of tea carts on the market it is easy to pick one that will serve your purposes best. It will also depend on whether you are buying it for your home or for your business. Here are a couple of things you will need to consider if you intend to buy a tea cart.​

  • The quality of make – Tea carts take a lot of beating when in frequent use. You will need to consider the materials and the quality of make. While wooden carts are nice to look at, if you are planning to buy a cart for commercial use, avoid those. They are easily chipped and won’t look all that nice once they are battered beyond recognition. In this case, opt for a cart made of aluminum or stainless steel; these will last much longer and are easier to maintain.
  • Sturdy wheels – Chances are you will be pushing this cart quite a lot. The quality of wheels is very important here. Picking a cart that has quality, multidirectional wheels will make your life that much easier. Also, make sure that the wheels can go over carpeted areas without snagging; this is essential, you don’t want to be spilling your tea all over the place!
  • Compartments – Several compartments on the cart will come in handy. Not too many, mind you, you do not want it to be too cumbersome or difficult to navigate. A drawer for storing spoons and sugar will be a great addition, however.
  • Warranty – Since carts are used extensively, especially if you are buying one for your business, make sure that there is a valid warranty on parts and labor that will protect you in case something goes south with your purchase.

So there you have it; tea carts are making a comeback to homes of those longing for a breath of the sophisticated past. Keep what we mentioned above in mind if you decide to buy one and we can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. If you are planning on buying one for your business keep it simple, no bells or whistles; aim for ease of use and practicality.